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EcoMedical is a medical logistical solution developed by MFM (Pty) Ltd (Medical Fund Management) for the benefit of healthcare seekers around the world, mainly residing in Africa.

Through our robust and comprehensive EcoMedical software app pre-loaded on EcoMedical devices, our members are granted 24/7 access to international healthcare information and facilitation services across the world.

Through our EcoMedical “Glocal” Reach (Global and Local Reach), we are able to outsource the best services at the most affordable cost, that benefits both our members, being medical healthcare seekers, as well as our International healthcare partners.
NB: EcoMedical is not an insurance scheme but a platform that ensures the right medical care is provided at the right cost.

“We are simply unbeatable and we welcome any challenge”

Redefine your medical travel experience with EcoMedical, the leading medical tourism facilitator, with a widespread network of top healthcare providers across the globe.

Your very own dedicated profile manager caters to your every need and coordinates all aspects of your medical travel experience – including choosing the right hospital, visas, medical records transfer, travel, stay and associated services.
At EcoMedical, we make your decision and transition process a simple, safe and assured one.

EcoMedical has overcome all common medical tourism pitfalls and has been developed to create ultimate trust and transparency in the industry for a hassle-free experience.

Why EcoMedical?

EcoMedical is an online platform that largely circumvents the need for you to be physically present whilst arranging your medical travel needs.

The EcoMedical platform also removes you from an environment where private individuals are able to approach and market service providers to you with ulterior motives in mind, other than providing you with the best solution for your specific needs.

The EcoMedical Platform has been developed to source the best options of service providers across the world and connect people living in Africa to this information, that includes negotiated EcoMedical rates and terms, which cannot be matched.

The EcoMedical Platform achieves this by listing world class medical facilities, hospitals, doctors, and specialists all over the world on a single portal thereby exposing our members to meaningful information enabling them to make informed choices.

It is a platform that offers clients services in a dignified and efficient way that guarantees less stress and less hassle.
EcoMedical was established to mitigate the prejudices and disadvantages faced by the overwhelming number of patients seeking medical care and wellness services outside of their home countries in Africa.
Medical tourism is not an alien concept anymore and the advantages of seeking medical care in a foreign country are manifold. Healthcare access is not limited by geographical location and today the patient has plenty of options to choose from.

The quality of care in our partner hospitals (probably the biggest deciding factor for any patient) is at par and in most cases above the average standards around the world.
The cost advantage is an equally attractive feature contributing to more and more people seeking treatment abroad.

Additionally, the possibility of combining a vacation with medical travel is a highlight for many patients.

As a medical logistics company, we endeavour to simplify the process for all our members.

For someone seeking treatment outside their home country, the process can seem daunting.

We handhold the patient through the entire process and help them in their decision-making process.

Every patient is different and so are their requirements. Our services are aligned to meet with the patient’s specific needs and assure them of 100% satisfaction.

To date, EcoMedical is Africa’s first comprehensive solution for international healthcare.

What Sets EcoMedical Apart

  • We respond efficiently and effectively to our members telephonically or through our platform
  • We are solution-based and add value to our members beyond the traditional scope of medical tourism needs;
  • We have innovation teams continuously working on the best methods to deliver quality service
  • We anticipate challenges and trends to proactively provide solutions
  • We pride ourselves on fair, transparent and accountable practices and simple processes
  • We ensure members are able to choose the right medical destination and right treatment at the right cost for their needs
  • We ensure our members receive the services they require, wherever they are in the world
  • We constantly looking for new ways to improve our processes
  • We handhold our members through their entire medical tourism experience
  • We are able to adapt to the special needs and requirements of our members.

EcoMedical is all about providing our member’s and their families with a safe and stress-free medical tourism experience.

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Providing safe and stress-free
medical tourism experience

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