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ECOMEDICAL AFRICA LEARN MORE strip EcoMedical is Africa’s leading medical logistics app. We coordinate & manage your medical treatment journey – ensuring 1 st rate quality & convenience LEARN MORE We make travelling abroad for healthcare easier LEARN MORE We provide full, comprehensive support
for healthcare seekers who travel abroad for treatment
Driving universal healthcare access, innovation & upliftment across the African continent.
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Empowering African healthcare.

Meet the man who’s made Africa’s health his passion.

Pascal Mukadi, EcoMedical’s Executive Chairman, is on a Crusade to build and strengthen Africa’s healthcare infrastructure. 

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The EcoMedical App

The app device which puts comprehensive medical travel solutions at your fingertips.

Who We Are

EcoMedical is the flagship division of Medical Fund Management (MFM), a leading provider of medical, wellness & lifestyle services to Africa.

We’re committed to quality, holistic healthcare for the continent & its people.

What We Do

A medical logistics software app, EcoMedical delivers affordable & efficient healthcare solutions throughout Africa.

We enable clients – via smartphone or other devices – to access convenient, comprehensive healthcare services wherever they are, at competitive prices.

Global Healthcare Partners

EcoMedical works in collaboration with first rate medical facilities around the world to bring you the best treatment options.

View our Country of Destination partners below:

  • EcoMedical has formed partnerships with world-class medical centers; clinics; state-of-the- art research facilities; travel agencies & other service providers from around the globe.
  • These enable us to deliver efficient, premium-quality healthcare to our clients. 

EcoMedical has developed a suite of specialized healthcare products to meet the varied needs of our clients. By partnering with leading service providers around the globe, we ensure that patients receive the very highest standards of care & and treatments--in Africa as well as abroad.

Health issues can be traumatic for anyone – especially when facing the fears & anxieties that stem from having to undergo medical procedures. EcoMedical partners with the finest surgeons & medical practitioners in the world, guaranteeing our clients the best available treatment options for their condition.

EcoMedical helps our clients make the most of their medical travel journey. We combine quality healthcare treatments abroad with 1 st class leisure options, bringing refreshment & enjoyment to our patients & their loved ones.

Signing up to EcoMedical gives you free access to our online health portal, affording you personalized health information which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This secure, encrypted portal not only allows you to view your personal health records & test results, but to contact & communicate with EcoMedical team members & support personnel.

Providing safe & convenient medical travel.

EcoMedical Blog

Healthcare insights & info from around the world.



Lack of holistic healthcare is hindering Africa’s potential, warns Pascal Mukadi of Medical Fund Management Pty. Ltd. With Covid-19 flaring across Africa, many of the continent’s other health crises have fallen below the public’s radar.



Africa needs far greater healthcare entrepreneurship if it is to overcome its public health challenges, says Pascal Mukadi of Medical Fund Management Pty. Ltd. With the recent announcement of a high-powered vaccine against Covid-19, a wave

Kids fall ill after deworming medication

Kids fall ill after deworming medication

INDORE: Nearly half a dozen children experienced nausea and vomiting after being administered medication during a drive under the National Deworming Programme in Dewas district on Thursday. The incidents reported in Pipalranwa village were managed

We Welcome  Tourists and Guests

We Welcome Tourists and Guests

The bodies were lying in the streets un-buried. All railroads and vessels carrying food and such things into the great city had ceased runnings and mobs of the hungry poor pillaging.

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