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ECOMEDICAL AFRICA LEARN MORE strip Delivering world-class medical travel & healthcare solutions across Africa EcoMedical gives you access to quality healthcare
– wherever you are – at the click of a button.
We deliver convenient, 1st Class medical travel services to Africa. LEARN MORE We provide comprehensive, quality medical support – 24/7. LEARN MORE We make travelling for healthcare easier. LEARN MORE We guarantee excellence and full satisfaction. LEARN MORE
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Meet the Man who cares about Empowering African healthcare.

Pascal Mukadi, EcoMedical’s Executive Chairman, is on a Crusade to build and strengthen Africa’s healthcare infrastructure. 

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Who We Are

EcoMedical is the flagship division of Medical Fund Management (MFM), a leading provider of medical, wellness & lifestyle services to Africa. A medical logistics software app, EcoMedical delivers high-quality healthcare solutions to Africans throughout the continentenabling access to services which are affordable, effective & convenient. We are a first in Africa.

Country Of Destination (COD)

EcoMedical has formed partnerships with world-class medical centers; clinics; state-of-the-art research facilities; travel agencies & other service providers from around the globe. These enable us to deliver holistic healthcare to Africans seeking quality treatment beyond their borders.

In Africa, accessing quality medical care can be difficult, expensive & frustrating – making it often necessary to travel abroad. EcoMedical manages the healthcare travel & treatment process from start to finish – allowing a seamless, hassle-free healing journey.

Our premium services include:

Providing safe and stress-free medical tourism experience

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