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"EcoMedical is Africa’s first, comprehensive healthcare logistics app, serving our continent with pride & distinction."

About the company

EcoMedical is a medical logistics solution developed by Medical Fund Management Pty. Ltd. (MFM), a leading provider of healthcare & wellness services to Africa. We are the flagship division of the MFM group, driving its healthcare initiatives across the continent. Founded in 2009, EcoMedical was founded in response to Africa’s healthcare crisis – one characterized by dire shortages in medical skills, infrastructure & supplies. Through technology & global partnerships, we enable access to 1st-class healthcare – enabling Africans to get the quality they deserve.
At EcoMedical, we’re working to become Africa’s preferred provider of healthcare solutions & medical travel services. And having established world-class networks, 1st-rate services & excellent client relationships across the continent, we believe that we’re well on our way

Redefine your medical travel experience with EcoMedical, the leading medical tourism facilitator, with a widespread network of top healthcare providers across the globe. Your very own dedicated case manager caters to your every need and coordinates all aspects of your medical travel experience. 

Ecomedical helps with choosing a :

 Bringing only the best healthcare to our clients.

Our Specialized Products

  • EcoMedical has developed a suite of specialized healthcare products to meet the varied needs of our clients.
  • By partnering with leading service providers around the globe, we ensure that patients receive the very highest standards of care & treatment – in Africa as well as abroad.

EcoMedical Assistance

EcoMedical mediquip

EcoMedical fund

Why Choose Us?

Health issues can be traumatic for anyone – especially when facing the delays & hurdles that can go hand-in hand with medical treatment in Africa. We remove those frustrations. Here are the unique benefits we bring to our clients:

Hassle-free access to medical treatment

Premium-quality healthcare services – at globally-competitive prices.

Holistic medical, treatment & recovery support.

Peace of mind – not only for our patients, but to the families & loved ones who care for them.

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