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EcoMedical Lite

Get the treatment not the stress


EcoMedical is a trusted industry leader for over 10 years in Africa.

We proudly bring you access to our  new revolutionary product EcoMedical Lite, a by-product of EcoMedical. Our services  are accessible for Africans  to South African, Kenya and India.

The lack of healthcare infrastructure poses a challenge for Africans, with this great challenge EcoMedical Lite is your solution!

Our EcoMedical Lite package provides you with a tailor-made services, that are designed by you, the user. There are no Sign up or Joining fees, pay only for the services you need.

Our access provides you with the following services

Our Services

Medical Travel documentation

Hospitality Logistics

Medical Treatment Logistics


Keep your eyes open...

You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Get your prescription meds couriered to your door!

To us, your health is always first!

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About Us

EcoMedical is the flagship division of Medical Fund Management (MFM), a leading provider of medical, wellness & lifestyle services to Africa.

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