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Our Story

In spite of our extraordinary potential as a continent, Africa remains plagued by an ongoing healthcare crisis. Chronic shortages – of medical skills, resources & infrastructure – pose constant threats to the wellbeing of our citizens. Often, the most viable solution for serious health issues is to seek treatment abroad. 

Yet, accessing international healthcare from Africa can prove challenging. Many Africans lack the personal networks needed to arrange medical travel. Due to frustrating bureaucracies, many find it difficult to obtain the visas & permits they need.  And with the scarcity of high-quality medical insurance schemes on the continent, the vast majority of Africans struggle to properly manage their healthcare funds. 


And for those who do manage to go abroad for treatment, it is often a daunting experience. Often, Africans arrive in foreign countries alone & without adequate support. Moreover, they often encounter Western healthcare systems which are difficult to navigate and which – as foreigners – they find cold & unwelcoming. 

EcoMedical was born in response to these challenges. We provide African healthcare seekers with the full support they need when travelling abroad for medical treatment. At EcoMedical, we deliver a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions – both within their home country as well as within their country of destination. From providing advice; arranging medical consultations; managing healthcare funds; coordinating travel, logistics & personal support to arranging post-care assistance & leisure activities – we guarantee a convenient & efficient medical travel experience for our clients. 

EcoMedical has partnered with some of the finest service providers around the globe – from 1 st rate hospitals, clinics & research facilities to financial institutions, tourism agencies & government departments. As part of our service family, they help us to provide African healthcare seekers with the quality they deserve. 

They are part of what makes us Africa’s leading healthcare logistics solution. 

EcoMedical is the vision of Pascal Mukadi, a man with a passion for African healthcare. A successful entrepreneur & philanthropist, Mukadi is committed to leveraging technology, partnerships & compassion to fuel effective medical services for Africans. In 2009, after years of research & development, he spearheaded EcoMedical to realize this dream. 

He now oversees EcoMedical as its Executive Chairman. 

Through EcoMedical, Mr. Mukadi aims to empower Africans to live their best lives – as individuals, families, communities & nations. Through improved access to quality healthcare throughout the continent, he believes Africa can reach its full potential.

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