Specialised Products To Care For Your Special Medical Needs

Based on our extensive research into the medical needs of Africans we have identified specialised service requirements.  Together with selected partners we have developed these specialised products as part of our EcoMedical portfolio.

EcoMedical Travellers

EcoMedical Assistance

EcoMedical Mediquip

EcoMedical Fund

EcoMedical Pharmacy

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EcoMedical Travellers

Travelling for medical treatment abroad can be very frustrating for both the individual who’s in need of the treatment and also for their family, particularly as the ill person is usually required to be accompanied.

Family and friends are challenged in this regard as they have to embark on the time consuming process of obtaining a visa, which may be granted later than the medical visas which are usually expeditious, and they are unable to take leave from work for an undeterminable amount of time to accompany and care for their friend/family member whilst they are receiving medical treatment abroad.

We quickly created a solution to assist our African families with this predicament and gave birth to “EcoMedical Travellers”.

EcoMedical Travellers is a team of trained nurses (male and female), permanently equipped with visas. They will be ready and at the disposal of our EcoMedical members solely for the purpose of travelling with them abroad for assistance and care, as requested by the company, family, doctor, and/or by the patient themselves. These trained individuals will assist the patient with all the required medical support while traveling and during the treatment period abroad and any of their other needs. T&Cs apply.

NB: It is compulsory for all under age members, elderly members and members in certain medical conditions to have an EcoMedical Traveller as part of their case file.

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EcoMedical Assistance

EcoMedical is dedicated to providing the member with holistic solutions, not only in respect of overseas travel and have used their extensive knowledge base to create practical and urgently required services that sometimes cannot be planned or budgeted for.

EcoMedical Assistance allows members 24/7 access to the online platform, and the EcoMedical team, to ensure that any of their medical needs can be attended to on an urgent basis. It acts as a precautionary measure to ensure our members can have peace of mind knowing that they are not alone at any time and obtaining assistance is at their fingertips.

EcoMedical Assistance is truly one of a kind, as we have a team dedicated to fulfilling all of our members’ medical needs.

EcoMedical Assistance in Country of Origin

EcoMedical Assistance is a fully scaled operation that provides its members with emergency calling, paramedic services and ambulances on standby whilst in their country of origin.

This service will be provided free of charge with certain membership plans and will be an add-on billable service for other plans. Please note that the payable option is only available for EcoMedical members, and not the general public, as it remains a value add to our members at preferential negotiated rates.

EcoMedical Assistance in Country of Destination

If you have made the decision to go overseas for medical treatment or tourism, you have come to the right place. EcoMedical Assistance is created to pick you up from the airport, get you to your hotel, make sure you are prepared for your hospital stay, get you to the hospital and follow up with you after your procedure and discharge. EcoMedical Assistance can also function as your lawyer if necessary.

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EcoMedical Mediquip and Technology

The World has had exponential growth and success through innovations in Electronic Component Manufacturing, Mechanical Fabrication, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Information Technology. Africa continues to lag behind in these industries.

These industries, in one way or another, influence medical product manufacturing and the development of medical and healthcare services and are therefore priced at a premium. Africa therefore is optimally placed to develop its own industry for Medical Technology manufacturing at a lower cost.

Since advanced medical technologies are unaffordable for a major segment of the population in Africa, there is an urgent need to localise manufacturing and know-how wherever possible. This will make medical technology affordable to all segments of the African population.

With our industrious approach to streamlining, improving and disrupting the status quo of the healthcare industry in Africa with all its unique challenges, MFM believes that soon, Africa will demonstrate its innovation capabilities and take its place as an alternate manufacturing and distributing destination of medical products/services to the rest of the world.

Taking this trend into consideration, Medical Fund Management intends to enforce this growth by injecting funds to renovate current hospital infrastructures, upgrade and equip local healthcare centres and hospitals with up to date medical facilities and provide extensive training of medical practitioners in various countries.

In the process of executing this initiative, Medical Fund Management will be able to take on the almost impossible task of developing and manufacturing medical technological products/services cost-effectively, to cater for the slow growing African medical technology market so as to engage in several emerging markets across the continent. This initiative will be run on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) system within the countries.

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EcoMedical Fund

Fund raising for medical healthcare seekers is a struggle and can be overwhelming whilst not well. They often undertake this through community fund raising initiatives which can place a strain on communities and the individual alike.

This dire need for access to funding propelled us to develop a customised medical finance product for members which also assists Corporate Entities, Brokers, Clubs and Medical Aid Funds for Individuals, Employers, Health Care Professionals or otherwise.

Just another way EcoMedical makes your healthcare matters easier, faster and safer.

Members who qualify for a credit loan on standard banking requirements will have access to EcoMedical Fund and is available through all EcoMedical membership plans.

Many members or companies do not have funds readily available when needed. EcoMedical Fund fills the gap between fund raising activities and when a member needs urgent overseas funds transfer.

Particularly in the case of an emergency, members whom have been successful applying for EcoMedical Fund do not have to worry about funding for their treatment. The medical fund, as loaded onto the member’s online profile, will be used as a payment guarantee for the receiving hospital, whether local or abroad. The qualification criteria when applying will determine the amount loaded onto the member's online profile.

The distinct advantage of this fund, as compared to any other loan or fund raising activities, is that it can only be used for the purpose of medical treatment due to the fact that there are no cash disbursements at all, payments are effected by EFT to receiving hospitals upon presentation of approved invoices creating an electronic paper trail for maximum efficiency, transparency and accountability of all parties.

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EcoMedical Pharmacy

Africa may be the only geographical location where massive growth is genuinely achievable in the pharmaceutical markets. These markets are currently being abused due to lack of regulation and by private individuals and small companies looking to mislead healthcare seekers in vulnerable financial and health positions into purchasing counterfeit drugs. These are often even dispensed through local medical practitioners and pharmacies.

EcoMedical Pharmacy has been created to protect and guard members when they return home from their treatment to ensure that authentic and correctly prescribed medication is obtained at the correct price.

The member will either get their pharmaceuticals delivered to them at their homes through online orders on the platform (depending on the membership plan) or they go to an EcoMedical Certified Pharmacy depot to collect their orders. These drugs, if not locally available from vetted suppliers, are couriered from the Country of Destination where the member had previously travelled to receive medical treatment.

EcoMedical Pharmacy allows members access to international pharmaceutical companies.

This is extremely important as certain procedures done outside of the members’ home country may require specific medication, which may not be available locally.

We are proud to say we have solved this problem through e-prescriptions, which allows members to scan and send their prescription to the desired healthcare provider(s).

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